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Raquel Welch Wigs

 by Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch Wigs

Beautifully styled and meticulously crafted, Raquel Welch wigs can make any woman look and feel fabulous. And the complete collections of Raquel Welch wigs are available from E-Wigs.com with our low price guarantee and free shipping.

Utilizing the highest artistic craftsmanship and an exclusive non-toxic coloring process, the Grand Collection is unparalleled in the non-custom-made hair alternative market place. Every step in the process of making an Raquel Welch Grand Collection wig is undertaken with exceptional care.

Join the fun and step into "the look" that you've always wanted with a Raquel Welch wig.

View all 134 available colors for Raquel Welch Wigs.

Please be aware that the colors you see on the displays will not be exact.

Color Insurance - get the color you expect with a color ring for Raquel Welch Wigs More on Raquel Welch Wigs
Introducing the Raquel Welch 2015 Fall Collection
Cutting Edge by Raquel Welch
Cutting Edge
Pure Allure by Raquel Welch
Pure Allure
Chic Alert by Raquel Welch
Chic Alert
City Life by Raquel Welch
City Life
Power by Raquel Welch
Three new styles from Raquel Welch's Sheer Indulgence COLLECTION: Cutting Edge, Pure Allure, and Chic Alert. And to round out the collection, Raquel Welch is including tow of their top sellers, City Life and Power.
Introducing the Raquel Welch 2015 Fall Collection
Three new styles from Raquel Welch's Sheer Indulgence COLLECTION: Cutting Edge, Pure Allure, and Chic Alert. And to round out the collection, Raquel Welch is including tow of their top sellers, City Life and Power.
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77 Raquel Welch Items on 2 pages
14in Extensions by Raquel Welch
14in Extensions
18in Extensions by Raquel Welch
18in Extensions
2pc Extensions by Raquel Welch
2pc Extensions
Always by Raquel Welch
Applause by Raquel Welch
HH Mono Lace Front
Autograph by Raquel Welch
Mono Lace Front
Beguile by Raquel Welch
HH Mono
Bewitched by Raquel Welch
Boost by Raquel Welch
Bravo by Raquel Welch
HH Mono Lace Front
Breeze by Raquel Welch
Camera Ready by Raquel Welch
Camera Ready
Mono Lace Front
Celebrity by Raquel Welch
Mono Lace Front
Center Stage by Raquel Welch
Center Stage
Mono Lace Front
Chic Alert by Raquel Welch
Chic Alert
Lace Front Capless
Cinch by Raquel Welch
City Life by Raquel Welch
City Life
Mono Lace Front
Classic Cut by Raquel Welch
Classic Cut
Close Up by Raquel Welch
Close Up
Mono Lace Front
Cover Girl by Raquel Welch
Cover Girl
Mono Lace Front
Crowd Pleaser by Raquel Welch
Crowd Pleaser
Mono Lace Front
Curve Appeal by Raquel Welch
Curve Appeal
Mono Lace Front
Cutting Edge by Raquel Welch
Cutting Edge
Mono Lace Front
Embrace by Raquel Welch
Enchant by Raquel Welch
Enigma by Raquel Welch
Entice by Raquel Welch
Excite by Raquel Welch
Fanfare by Raquel Welch
Mono Lace Front
Fascination by Raquel Welch
Fashion Statement by Raquel Welch
Fashion Statement
Lace Front
Free Spirit by Raquel Welch
Free Spirit
Freestyle by Raquel Welch
Lace Front Capless
Glam Slam by Raquel Welch
Glam Slam
Lace Front Capless
Glitterati by Raquel Welch
Mono Lace Front
Goddess by Raquel Welch
Mono Lace Front
Grand Entrance by Raquel Welch
Grand Entrance
HH Mono Lace Front
Headliner by Raquel Welch
HH Mono Lace Front
Infatuation by Raquel Welch
Knockout by Raquel Welch
HH Mono
Limelight by Raquel Welch
Mono Lace Front
Milano by Raquel Welch
HH Mono Lace Front
Muse by Raquel Welch
Mono Lace Front
Nouveau by Raquel Welch
Lace Front Capless
On the Move by Raquel Welch
On the Move
On the Town by Raquel Welch
On the Town
Mono Lace Front
Opening Act by Raquel Welch
Opening Act
Mono Lace Front
Pisa by Raquel Welch
HH Mono Lace Front
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There are 77 Raquel Welch products on display.
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More On Raquel Welch Wigs

Natural in appearance, easy to wear, and always gorgeous, Raquel Welch wigs are all about glamor made simple.

The Raquel Welch Collection's aim is to help you achieve whatever hair style you desire and to change your look and color on a whim...if you so choose.

Over the years since the first introduction of the Raquel Welch Collection there has been enormous advances in hair alternative technology resulting in countless improvements in the coloring, fibers, construction and wear-ability of Raquel Welch wig products. Today they are lighter, more natural looking and more user friendly than ever before.

Raquel Welch wigs Sheer Indulgence collection puts monofilament cap construction in just the right place for the most natural appearance. And the hand-knotted Raquel Welch wigs provide natural hair movement along with maximum style versatility.

RAQUEL WELCH Kanekalon Vibralite® synthetic hair colors:
The characters used in the color code numbers reflect the type of color it is.

R: Stands for "Raquel".
G: Color graduates light to dark from the front to the back of wig.
S and S+: All S and S+ multi-dimensional blends reflect the latest coloring salons around the country.
The S+ colors are specially blended in the front and the crown with highlights and lowlights that complement the basic color.
T: The ends are tipped in a lighter color.
F: Foil colors are multi-tonal shades that are specially created to reflect today's dramatic color blends. They include an all over base color with two contrasting highlight colors around the face.
SS: Shadow Shades feature a darker color depth at the root. 
RO Raquel Ombre colors are hair colors that are generally darker at the roots through the mid shaft and then gradually get lighter from the mid shaft to the ends.

RAQUEL WELCH Freeform Collection is made with Tru2Life fiber: Can be curled or straightened with thermal styling tools.

RL: Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic fiber.


Incomparable Raquel Welch wigs - would she put her name on anything else?

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